maandag 18 juni 2007

Monday Morning


Yesterday I've signed up for a workshop called "News on Hues" about Big Picture Scrapbooking and the class handout is absolutely fabulous!

I've received 10 challenges to work on.

So now I'm adjusting my projects schedule in order to be able to do 2 of the challenges this week.

Among other things that needs to be done today, I'm going to inspire myself with some color schemes in the class handout to work on at least 2 new layout.

Today is the public voting for the "Sketch Your Heart Out" layout contest at Serendipity Kits.

My layout : "Adventure Time" is among the layouts to vote for.

You can go to the "showroom" on the homepage and see it.

I absolutely love this layout.

I can't post it here yet, but as soon the contest is over, I will post my layout on my blog too!

Have a joyfull day today!

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