donderdag 25 september 2008

My New Blog is up!!!

I've news!!!

I created one more blog specially for the CT Layouts and for Quickpage freebies!!
This one will still be here, but my newer Layouts you will find them on my new blog.

So If you want to check out my new blog Click

Make sure you bookmark it for future reference. While you're there leave me a message on my chatbox. I love to read your comments.



donderdag 18 september 2008

CT Layouts for the week of 15th to 21Sept

Layouts Checklist for the week of 15th to 21st Sept

The layouts you see them in the Slideshow I have specially made for this new set of layouts for this week

.The kits I'm working with this week are:

Rich Caramel Papers Pack from Sherry Scraps
RichCaramel Elements Pack form Sherrys Scraps
LO Titles
1) Road Trip
2) Blessings

Rose Delight Tagger Sized kit by Linda Dream Designs
LO Titles
1) Enchanted Journey
2) Love

Fairy Dreams in the Fall Kit by Urban Mermaid Designs
LO 1) Loads of Fun!
LO 2 ) Life at the Farm

Castaway Kit by Crazy Diamond
LO1) The Journey
LO2) Seaside --20 Sept

Kit: Your-A-STAR-01 by Diva Designz
LO 1) Give Thanks!
LO 2) Listen with Your Heart 20 Sept
Kit Summer Salsa by Ivorys Designz
LO1) Sing Along 20 Sept
LO2) Oasis 20 Sept

We are StarDust by Amanda Dykan
LO1: Enjoy Life at The Beach

LO 1: Adventure
LO 2: Beach Delight

Update 20 September

I have 2 Quickpages for you this weekend!!

Here is Quickpage 2a preview, you've to visit Linda's Dream Designs Blog to get the other Quickpage. Both Quickpages are made with Rose Delight kit. You can get this Quickpage Here

I will update this list every day with finished layouts during the week.

I got an announcement that Kiki Scraps is selling all her store at PDW for $19.95
Here is the link
Check it out for some cool products.

Thank you for visiting my blog. :)
Have a blessed day

maandag 15 september 2008

New Layouts in Weekly Slideshows!

Hi Everyone,

I was thinking about how to keep track from all the Layouts and at the same time posting hte links to the stores, without the need to come and post a new message each time.

Sometimes I create more than one layout a day, but the time to update my blog more than once daily is getting harder and harder.
So I came up with a solution.

I will keep a weekly Slideshow with the updateds layouts starting well, today...LOL

I post the list with the links in the post below, so you know by the title of the layouts which kit and where to find it ofcourse.

Today I created my first slideshow for this week. You will find some layouts I posted at the end of the month of August in it too and also some new ones I didn't have the chance to post on my blog.

I will also post a link to my most up to date gallery from that week so you can see the layouts and all the info about the layouts.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.


New LO: Give Thanks with Your-A-Star-01 Kit!

Hi everyone,

I've been "quiet" lately, but it's more because of migraine attacks that
was giving me some hard time.
I accomplished one LO today and I came immediately and upload it to my blog.

Kit used is from Scrappin' Out Loud: Your-A - Star-01 Kit by Diva Designz

Checkit out

Thanks fo rvisiting my blog. I appreciate so much.


zondag 14 september 2008

LO I did last night: Road Trip

HI everyone,
It has been a weekend where I had a migraine attack and I wasn't around as much as I would.
I scrapped a LO last night for a wonderful Speed Scrap Challenge at Digi Scrap Station!

If you like Speed Scraps this will certainly let your creativity juices flow over!! Let me assure you that!

Hypermommy from Designs by Crazy Diamond, one of my bosses, is hosting this wonderful challenge every Saturday!! Woohoo!!

Anyway a lot of writing, you certainly want to see the LO!!
I used the CT Kit from Sherrys Scraps: Rich Caramel Papers and elements pack.

Rich Caramel Elements Pack

woensdag 10 september 2008

Grandopening and Challenges!!!

Hi everyone,
I've been working hard the last few days and I couldn't come back
regularly to update my blog wiht recent layouts, but here I'm today!!

Get Digi With It is having a Grandopening this weekend 12 September to 14 September!!

Okay and now the fun news!!
I'm hosting a fun challenge at Get Digi With It: New Scrapper's Challenge.
The challenges are for you to try out new trends and fun styles!!
Each week you have a new challenge!

The challneges are weekly this month, so each week you make a chance to receive a Participation Gift for participating in my challenge.

This week you receive a Participation Gift Courtesy from Paula Phillips.

It's 2 Quickpages with her awesome kit: Summer Stroll!!

I also made a Preview for you to see what you receive.

Feel welcome and join us at Get Digi With It this weekend for awesome prizes and wonderful activities!!