maandag 15 september 2008

New Layouts in Weekly Slideshows!

Hi Everyone,

I was thinking about how to keep track from all the Layouts and at the same time posting hte links to the stores, without the need to come and post a new message each time.

Sometimes I create more than one layout a day, but the time to update my blog more than once daily is getting harder and harder.
So I came up with a solution.

I will keep a weekly Slideshow with the updateds layouts starting well, today...LOL

I post the list with the links in the post below, so you know by the title of the layouts which kit and where to find it ofcourse.

Today I created my first slideshow for this week. You will find some layouts I posted at the end of the month of August in it too and also some new ones I didn't have the chance to post on my blog.

I will also post a link to my most up to date gallery from that week so you can see the layouts and all the info about the layouts.

Thanks for visiting my blog today.


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