maandag 25 juni 2007

A New Tutorial

Hi everyone,

I was so busy this week-end and it was until a few minutes ago I could finish the tutorial.


Now you may be asking, a tutorial about WHAT?

Well, this tutorial is what I my friend Jean for the J.A.D.S. University.
It turns out so cute!! This is a mini album.

I'm going to upload it right now, so please don't look until I say, it's done!...LOL
I will provide the link to the tutorial too, so stay tuned!

I was running between doing housechores, cooking lunch AND finishing the tutorial. My father came with some goodies for me, so I had also a visitor, that's why it's until now I can fall back in my chair and say....Finished!!....LOL

I think I was Flash cooking dinner today....LOL

Well, let's go upload it and you will see the link as soon I'm done.

Challenge for today; Write about the Monday morning, how is it going today? What happened today in the morning that surprised you?

Quoe for today as the thought of the day:
Every day brings something new in your life, it can be surprising, but it is always something that you will be grateful's my thought of the day from Margie

Think about it and journal about it and incorporate this journaling on your layout.

Have a wonderful day!!

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