zondag 4 november 2007

Happy to be back home!

Hi everyone,

I was for 2 weeks on an overseas trip.

Now I'm back I need to put everything away, you know, luggage, clothes back in closet and such.

This trip hubby somehow needed it, because he has been working really hard the last few months and without vacation for almost 2 years!

He said, he feels more relaxed and I thank God for that, because a grumpy, overstressed hubby isn't fun! I'm just kidding....LOL, he wasn't grumpy, but well stressed out!

I took pictures, yes of couse! How could I follow 2 Photography courses and don't shoot any photos????? It's emberassing, specially if you love taking photos, just like I do!

I did an awesome layout with a few photos I took in the hotelroom that has an oriental look and colors in the bathroom!

El Diamante means The Diamond.

I took some ineresting arquitactural pictures, nice mountain view and also I visited the Museam of Baseball with interesting professional Baseball players with their autographed bats.

Have a wonderful week-end.


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Wendy zei

I am so pleased you had a fab time! and i love the page!!