dinsdag 22 januari 2008

Some unexpected changes in Scrapbooking

Hi everyone,

So as I wrote a few weeks ago, I was so discouraged to the fact that
because I live in the Netherlands Antiles, it is usually so difficult for me
to get in a Design Team from an online store.

Yes, the postal charges, is usually one of the reasons and the region.

It was months of discouragement for me until I discovered that there is one more
way to get involved in a Design Team and there is also a new chance looming.

There are many stores that slowly are incorporating Hybrid Scrapbooking in their online products!

I've been Hybrid Scrapbooking for some years now, since 2002 and I get really excited when I think of all the other ideas that I can come up with.

That's why there is now a change in my conviction that I started with this year.

I will keep trying by sending in my applications only to Hybrid scrapbook Online Stores!

There is hope so here I'm full of creative energy trying out this new opportunity.

God bless you.


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