dinsdag 29 juli 2008

New LOs

Hi everyone,

We had a warm weather today that was so

I did 2 LOs, but I will upload them tomorrow morning,
and let me tell you, it was worth the time I took
today to rest and regain some energy.

I have to finish 2 more LOs tomorrow morning,
so stay tuned, because it is going to be great!

I've been working on a template challenge, well, it was
sweating at the pc to finish it, but it was worth it!

It is the first time I did a LO with a template and
at first I had to figure out how to attach them so
it will fit nicely.

Thanks to Jaya, she said, hey you have some words
from the template that you need to delete from your LO!!
Oh girl, many thanks!

Anyway, the result you have to wait until tomorrow morning.

And the word is out and the new kit from Designs by Crazy Diamond is now in store!!!

Tomorrow will be a lot of eyecandies on my blog!!

I'm now off to get some good night sleep.


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