vrijdag 15 juni 2007

A Great Inspiration today

I was thinking in starting a blog, that is of inspiration and which I can share my joy for Paper Crafting and specially my love for Cards and Scrapbooking!

Yes, I've been scrapbooking for 6 years.
My hubby gives me the needed push to do what I love to do. That's so great of him. He wants me to be happy with what I do.

I also teach Cardmaking and other paper crafts. I have been asked to do crafts with ladies club and non-profit organisations

I started with digital scrapbooking just 2 days ago and I love the outcome of my first digital LO.
I was immediately hooked.

I downloaded some digital kits that are free, but I also bought e-cuts to use in my Paper Scrapbooking.

We always need inspirations, so be sure to check back often for some ad challenges or other challenges.

My challenge for today is: write 10 things that makes you happy! Yes, incorporate it as your journaling on a LO, digital o paper LO.

Here are my 10 things that makes me happy!
1. Create a new LO
2. Mountain trips
3. Travel to foreign countries
4. A delicious meal
5. Create altered notebook
6. Design sketches
7. A hug from a good friend
8. A smile on a child face
9. Feeling that you're loved
10. A wonderful car trip in the nature

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