vrijdag 15 juni 2007

Design Team Call at J.A.D.S.


I'm so happy to be an active member from the Design Team at J.A.D.S.!!
We are a fun team of creative ladies! We are good friends supporting eachother in every way.

Do you want to join the Design Team? Is this your dream?

Come and join us at J.A.D.S. as a member and send in your application to be a part time DT member or full time DT member.
Remember to put that also in the DT application letter.

We have DT Challenges going on and the gallery totally ROCK!!

Here is the link to go to the website for you to take a look.


You have to sign in to be able to join the forum and to have access to the gallery.
You will make new friends and have fun.

I hope to see you at J.A.D.S.

Have a great day!

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