dinsdag 26 juni 2007

Hi everyone,

I've been offered an advanced position at J.A.D.S., because of my dedication to what I do and because I design with my heart.
I accepted the offer and I'm so thrilled.

It's true, I design with my heart. All the memories and love for scrapbooking and for life, makes me choose for color combos that reflects that. I know that every scrapbooker who reads this, know what I mean.

Today start the Dream Team Contest at Scrapstreet Magazine.
I will be on and offline waiting for the hour they will give the first clue for the first challenge.

I'm going to update the scrapping schedule today.
There is more to do now, so I need to update my schedule.

Challenge for you today: Look through the layouts that are your favorites. Submit one of the layouts to a contest. It is a challenge for sure, because taking that first step to submit your work is the hard one, but after you did it....you can fall back in your chair and say....oooooooooh, I did it! This challenge is more a push in the back for those that need that encouragement to take that step.

Journal Challenge for today: What do you love about your family? Write in 3oo words, about your feelings and what are the characteristics in your family that you truely love.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

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