woensdag 20 juni 2007

I need your Votes

Hi everyone,

I entered the Sketch your Heart Out contest at Serendipity Kits and today has the voting started!
It's a small favor I'm asking you. Could you go to the website where you see the Title of layout is "Adventure Time" (you can see the layout in the showroom by following the link) and cast your vote? I would really appreciate your help.
Here is the link:

Thank you so much.

Another News!

I'm so excited! I'm planning the vacation trip of my dreams and God is opening doors. I've been praying for all the preparations and God is opening doors.

I won't tell that much about it. I always say, don't tell too much when you're planning something. It's not wise at all.

Anyway, thank you for looking.

God bless you richly!

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