donderdag 5 juli 2007

Thursday monring

This LO is a digital LO.

I want to share this thought of the day at J.A.D.S.

" An artist sees not only with his eyes but also through his eyes and soul."
Leonardo da Vinci

I think Leonard da Vinci wrote this quote, because it's what makes an artist.

You see things in another spectrum and each time you discover something beautiful that you love to share with others.

It's the same situation, no matter you're a writer, a arquitect or a Scrapbooker with passion.

Each LO and each drawing or each article, shows a piece of you.
It shows your love for life, your emotions on a situations or even how you're feeling at that single moment.

As a creator of art we share what we love in many different ways, showing our gratitude for each of every moment we could experience Joy and laughter in our life.

Have a wonderful day.

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