vrijdag 6 juli 2007

Friday, week-end around the corner

I don't have that much on my schedule today.
I plan to do some computerwork and later I do some housechores.

I'm planning a new computer tutorial and working on a new class schedule.

Scrapbooking has some many new features that the many different projects is endless.

The LO for the Dream Team contest. I need some good pictures for it.
This new challenge for the contest I need to think outside the box for it.

Journal challenge for today: Write about your favorite color. Why is this color so important in your life?

My favorite color is fucsia. I love this color, because it sparks my creativity and sparks also my life. It helps me to come up with creative solutions in many different ways.
I have some objects in my work space that has that color.

A tip: put at least some objects with your favorite color on your worktable or desk. It gives you the needed energy to do that project you've been procrastinating to do, for some time.

Tip: Put an object that has your favorite color in front of you when you have the oh so feared Scrapper's block. It helps to come up with some fantastic new ideas and is a wonderful motivator!

Have a great week-end everyone!


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