maandag 9 juli 2007

It's Monday

Hi everyone,

I couldn't scrap that much last week-end. I had a really hard time.
I planned to finish a new tutorial, but I couldn't finish it.

This morning I was thinking, well, I applied for the Design Team I told you about, but somehow I had a bad feeling about it.
I just felt like, I wouldn't get the position in the Design Team.

That's why I was calm, but after I went to the site and read who made it, I felt that needle despite of my thoughts of positivism. That sharp needle of sadness.

I just think that it's better to not try out for DT for a few months.

I plan to be more active in contests, mostly to just have fun and play without having that pressure that all my materials has to be from a certain manufacturer.

Scrapbooking has to be fun. I was applying mostly as a job in a DT, but I see now that I just need to have fun and see where God may lead me in the future.

Photography is my passion too and the last few days I could take some amazing shots.

Well, up to finish the tutorial I've been working on.

I just wanted to talk about what is bothering me today. You may know that feeling, that you need to get it out of your chest somehow.

Journal Challenge for today : Take about 10 min and write about something that happened to you when you was a child.

God bless you.

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