woensdag 4 juli 2007


Hi everyone,

Do you have the dilemma what to cook too some days? I was looking in the fridge and oh man, I was wondering what to cook today?????

What a surprise that hubby came back home just a few minutes ago with fish he bought, so we can have fried fish for lunch....oh yeah!!

We have great weather today, so I can open the windows and have some fresh air while frying fish!

I have to look for a yummie recipe in my cookbook for a new recipe to try out too.

I made a layout this morning and now I'm going to work on the journaling.

I thought of a quote and write about a certain experience in my life. I love to do that, use a quote to write my insights about a certain topic.

I'm going to post it when I'm ready with it.

Have a wonderful day!


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